We choose to no longer participate in a system that sacrifices the many for the few and contributes to a negative ripple effect throughout our industry.

Bias & Blind Spots was born from an early-stage VC fund, Gastronome Ventures — the first dedicated fund in healthy, early-stage food & beverage. We saw the industry changing, identified a gap in the market and moved on the opportunity. That was a decade ago, before a few large acquisitions resulted in capital flooding the industry and driving valuations to problematic levels.

Turns out, consolidation sucks and exits are not presenting themselves nearly enough to support all the current early-stage investments. There are too many “promising companies” and too few buyers.

We promote an alternative to the zero-sum model of VC/PE, which appeals to legacy-minded family offices, middle-market investors and founders. By introducing an inverse model, we reallocate risk and focus on future cash flow distributions — this equates to debt risk with equity returns.

Here’s the analogy…it’s like an actor (i.e. founder) taking a smaller up-front fee for a larger backend of the box office receipts, thus the studio (i.e. investor) sees lower up-front risk and shared returns. Viola.