For Founders

  • Are you tied of endless fundraising and ready for profitability?

  • Contemplating buying out your current investors?

  • Looking to switch up your strategy from exit to cash-flow?

  • Feeling the pressure of short-term investors to make compromises on your quality or other areas of your business?

  • Do you want to invest in a facility or build out your supply chain?

  • Have an idea for a product but unsure of its potential? Or capital needs?

We are here to assist. It is our intention to provide as much insight and available resources to guide you through any transition or product launch.


Half Day consult (6 hours)— $7500 one-time

If you’re looking for a fresh perspective on how to adjust your growth strategy, bringing new products to market or weighing options for buyout of existing shareholders, this is a quick and dirty primer. We discuss your current situation, adjusted aims, potential pathways, alternative financing options, similar case studies, research needs and intros to additional resources, as needed.

Month-to-month advisory — $3500/month + options

For a more in-depth engagement we can work together in an ongoing advisory capacity. For founders in need of additional operational needs, market sizing, packaging guidance, channel development, board members, introductions and resources to bring products to launch, this is a suitable option.

Product development & commercialization of menu items— starting at $25k/each

Restaurants have an unfair advantage when it comes to bringing packaged products to market — cash flow, built-in customer base and retail distribution. We work with both CPG founders and restauranteurs to identify promising product categories, market segmentation, target demographics, go-to-market strategies, manufacturing, costing and investment/return modeling.