For Family Offices

The best investment thesis and deal teams do not immediately translate to credibility and trust. For those that have identified food & beverage as an investment category, what you need is access. This is what Bias & Blind Spots provides.

Leveraging two key facets of family offices — lower cost of capital and timeline — we are able to structure lower risk investments with ongoing cash flow distributions. For families looking to extend their wealth (and family distributions) a few more generations, food & beverage is a very attractive industry.

There’s a certain irony that many founders desire to create long-term value and generational wealth, yet they have little knowledge of how to adequately weight risk/returns to attract family office investment.

Currently the industry is experiencing an overflow of early investments, yet few capable buyers to support the necessary returns of VC/PE. These funds, in an attempt to juice their IRR, are slyly looking for divestitures and secondary buyers for a significant portion of their portfolios.

While the industry shakes out, the opportunity for family offices to pick up cash-flow and assets at a discount is increasingly attractive.

Our family office advisory services include:

  • Value maximization strategies

  • Strategic alternative reviews

  • Identification and analysis of potential opportunities

  • Risk assessment

  • Discounted cash flow scenarios

  • Marketplace insights

  • Resource evaluations

  • Thesis development

  • Introductions to founders and management teams

  • Deal structuring

  • Ongoing counsel