For Acquirers

  • Are you looking for something aside from incremental revenue gains?

  • Interested in new categories?

  • Tired of iterative SKU extensions?

  • Looking for $1M-$3M in additional profitability with minimal overhead additions?

  • Seeking to fully leverage your infrastructure and resources?

  • Are you stalling out and looking to drive the next phase of your growth?

If you’re asking these questions now, you’re late to the party. We’re on the back half of the bell curve when it comes to deal activity and prices are going to creep up again as acquirers look to play catch-up.

The real question is…what opportunities are there for middle-market acquirers with sales organizations, distribution footprints, retailer relationships, cheaper cost of capital and longer time horizons?

There is a way to secure cash flow with lower risk if you change the underlying investment structure and play into founder desires for legacy businesses. It’s less M&A and more partnerships.

Agree or not, as a middle-market company you do not want to be paying VC/PE prices, so you need a distinct advantage. We have spent a decade building relationships and the timing is right to pick up secondaries and divestitures at a steep discount.

Our mergers & acquisition advisory services include:

  • Acquisition search

  • Identification and analysis of potential opportunities

  • Introductions to prospective targets

  • Business level due diligence

  • Valuation analysis

  • Advice on acquisition tactics and strategy

  • Preparation of indicative offer and letter of intent

  • Deal structuring

  • Acquisition financing review and options

  • Counsel through closing