Douglas Raggio, Managing Partner

With a focus on food & beverage, Douglas has raised and managed an early-growth venture fund, Gastronome Ventures, advised a dozen buy-side transactions and consulted on more than three-dozen sell-side fundraises. He currently vets 250+ opportunities/quarter in the healthy food & beverage category while actively advising a handful of companies directly.

Prior to Gastronome Ventures he founded the slow-cooked meal company, Stews & Such — cultivating a vast network of manufacturers, vendors, distributors, co-packers and retailers in/around the packaged food space. This experience exposed a gap in the financing options available to emerging brands, which Gastronome Ventures addressed.

Previous to food & beverage, he managed $100M+ marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies including Nike, Motorola, DirecTV and Discovery Channel. Douglas received a B.S. in Organizational Communication from Cal Poly Pomona.